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To: Victorian State Government

A WorkCover that works for everyone!

OHS Reps

WorkCover is failing injured workers and multiple reviews have found that it is those with long-term and complex issues who suffer the most.

Two Ombudsman's reports have found that the private insurance companies responsible for managing claims unfairly delay payments, make unsustainable decisions and deny services essential for rehabilitation. This pushes injured workers even further into poverty, prolongs and exacerbates injury and costs the scheme millions.

Instead of addressing the systemic issues to make the system work for injured workers, the Victorian Government has proposed changes to WorkCover that would restrict the type of psychological injury for which workers would be entitled to compensation. They are also proposing changes that will make it harder for workers with long-term injuries to access weekly payments after 130 weeks.

This is fundamentally unfair. Injured workers should not bear the cost of fixing the WorkCover scheme.

The Injured Workers Support Network are proposing a better way. Create a scheme that works with, not against, injured workers by providing the support to help them rehabilitate and return to work safely.

This can be done by:

1. Reversing the proposed cuts to WorkCover
2. Implementing all 22 recommendations of the recent Rozen Review into workers compensation.
3. Giving injured workers a voice at all stages of the process.
4. Holding insurance companies accountable by reigning in unfair practices and the over-use of IMEs and private investigators.

Injured workers deserve dignity, respect and a fair workers compensation system. Sign this petition to show the government that there is a better way forward for injured workers that doesn’t punish them for their injuries.

Why is this important?

Without a proper workers compensation scheme, injured workers will be forced into poverty and their injuries will get worse. Sign this petition to urge the Government to listen to injured workers and reform WorkCover so it works for everybody.

Victoria, Australia

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