To: Alistair Coe & the Liberals

Alistair Coe & the Liberals: Don’t put our recovery at risk!

United Workers Union

This campaign has ended.

Dear Alistair Coe & the Canberra Liberals, will you rule out ending programs that are key to our economic recovery?

Why is this important?

Alistair Coe & the Liberals keep telling Canberrans how they will cut rates, taxes and charges, but they haven’t been so quick to tell us what they will cut to pay for it.

Will it be cutting support for small businesses, or ending programs that are keeping Canberrans in work, or will the Liberals just make it harder to get to work by cutting vital infrastructure works like the light rail extension?

Mr Coe - is it true you won’t rule out ending the programs that are key to our economic recovery, including cutting important projects like the light rail?

Mr. Coe, isn’t it about time you told people in Canberra the truth?