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To: Alistair Coe & the Liberals

Alistair Coe & the Liberals: No Education Cuts!

Dear Alistair Coe & the Canberra Liberals, will you promise no cuts to our schools and education system?

Why is this important?

Alistair Coe & the Liberals keep telling Canberrans how they will cut rates, taxes and charges, but they haven’t been so quick to tell us which essential services they will cut.

Will it be our libraries, school cleaning services or will the Liberals just make it harder to get to around by cutting vital infrastructure works like the light rail extension?

Mr Coe - is it true you won’t rule out cuts to Canberra’s education system, including job cuts to teachers, school assistants and school cleaners?

Mr. Coe, isn’t it about time you told families in Canberra the truth?



2020-09-14 11:51:37 +1000

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