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To: Asahi Holdings (Australia)

Asahi: Support us during COVID-19!

Asahi: Support us during COVID-19!

We want Asahi to support us during the COVID-19 pandemic by:
Providing unlimited paid special leave for all employees:
♦ Who have been diagnosed with COVID-19
♦ Have been directed into self isolation
♦ Have been instructed by doctor to enter a period of self isolation
♦ A member of household has been diagnosed with COVID-19
Providing parents or guardians access up to 4 weeks’ leave at 50% pay where:
♦ Employee cannot work because school or childcare centre has been closed
If our site closes - no loss of pay

Why is this important?

Workers at Asahi produce many of the beverages Australians love, such as Pepsi, Cottee's, Gatorade and Mountain Dew.

These workers are putting their families and themselves at risk by continuing to work during COVID-19 to ensure people in Australia can get the drinks they want. All they are asking for is that Asahi takes their safety concerns seriously!


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