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To: Federal Government

ASU members call on the Federal Government to commit to needed funding for community services

The Australian Services Union is calling on the Federal Government to urgently commit to additional indexation funding for essential community services in the upcoming October budget.

In May, the Prime Minister declared his support to an increase in the minimum wage to keep pace with surging inflation and in June the Fair Work Commission announced that minimum wages for workers in community and disability sectors would increase by 4.6%. In addition, from July 1 2022, the Superannuation Guarantee has risen from 10% to 10.5%.

These increases are welcomed by the community sector and their union, the ASU.

However, the Federal Government must now provide the additional funding to community services to support the increases in wages it advocated for in May.

Community services rely on Government funding to support their essential work and pay their workers. Without proper indexation of funding, the sustainability of community services is at risk and could lead to organisations reducing staffing or service levels.

Why is this important?

The community sector, its workers and the communities they support deserve security and certainty in funding from the Federal Government.

Without an increase in indexation funding in the October Budget, community service providers will struggle to maintain services and staffing levels to support some of the most vulnerable in our community.


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