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To: The Commissioner of Taxation

ATO: Keep jobs in Geelong!

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is proposing to close its Geelong office and send 120 jobs to Melbourne. ATO would cease to have a presence in Geelong.

Good secure jobs are important to regional communities, and with Covid-19, these jobs matter more than ever. The loss of 120 jobs is the equivalent of $9million being lost from the local economy.

Once these opportunities for locals are gone, they’re never coming back.

Why is this important?

Living and working in Geelong means that money is spent in our local community, and ATO workers here will have an important role to play in helping rebuild from COVID-19.

Quality jobs in Geelong mean workers have the security to spend money at local businesses and shops which helps to keep other Geelong workers employed.

Geelong has borne the brunt of years of outsourcing, offshoring and closures. Our community should not need to commute to Melbourne to access professional career-based job opportunities. Geelong has faced significant job losses in a number of sectors, and that has had catastrophic effects on our community. We need to retain good quality jobs in Geelong to assist with the economic recovery of our regional community.

“Working in Geelong and living nearby means I don’t waste time on a commute, and that means that I am doing things in my community after work. I help out at the kid’s school, we go to scouts, in Summer we go to the beach and love living here. We may not be able to live here if my job moves.”

“I love assisting the small business community with my work at the ATO and hope that the Geelong ATO will continue providing services to the people of Geelong. The economy of Geelong needs the support of government, especially at this time, to grow and taking ATO salaries out of the CBD will diminish the local economy.”

Reasons for signing

  • Keep our Geelong office open
  • I believe opportunities should continue to exist withfn the ATO for regional people that are highly skilled and provide value to the ATO. Alternative options were never reviewed and this appears to have been a decision made years ago with job opportunities of employment FTE positions not being advertised in Geelong for years.
  • You take the highly qualified jobs from Geelong and those people leave our town. We need quality jobs in Geelong


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