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To: Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

Australia Needs a Pay Rise
Working families are going backwards. Over last decade there’s been almost zero real growth our wages. Meanwhile power prices and groceries keep going up and up. How do we put food on the table?

It’s a very different story for employers. Company profits are growing 45 times faster than wages.

The rules are broken. But our government in Canberra is asleep at the wheel. They are totally out of touch. They’re even cutting penalty rates. And they won’t lift a finger to help you get ahead.

We need action now. We need the government to change the rules so ordinary Australian workers can get a fair day’s pay, for a fair day’s work.

Sign our petition to tell Scott Morrison that we won’t put up with low wages, penalty rate cuts and a broken bargaining system. It’s time to Change The Rules.

Why is this important?

Our living standards are going backwards because ordinary workers don’t have enough power to win the wages we deserve. The cards are stacked in favour of big business.

How do we fix this? We need new rules that give workers a real seat at the table, so we can win a fair share of the wealth we create.

Scott Morrison and the Liberal government need to act now to make changes that will deliver Australian workers a pay rise. Let’s show these politicians how many Australians support fair wages by signing this petition.

Reasons for signing

  • Casualisation and insecure employment, exploitation of low paid workers because they are low paid and have few options to change their situation
  • ause the price of everything went up
  • Everything is getting expensive and it is getting hard to survive. In my view, this would help all those who are struggling with their financial situation including myself.


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