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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Extend JobKeeper and create AviationKeeper support for all airlines workers to Keep Australia Flying

We're calling on the Morrison Federal Government to immediately bring in an AviationKeeper payment scheme for all aviation workers across Australia.

The aviation industry is in crisis. With expectations that international travel won’t return in 2021 it is clear that the economic recovery will take longer for the industry and airlines workers than for many other Australians.

Thousands of aviation workers are being denied JobKeeper, and in too many cases JobSeeker as well. This means many workers have been left with no income. When workers are receiving JobKeeper, it is often delayed, incorrectly issued and simply doesn’t cover our most basic bills like rent, mortgages, groceries and utilities.

To stop our essential industry collapsing, we need our jobs and companies protected so that when Australia is ready to fly, we are too.

Why is this important?

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on ASU members who work for airlines or in ground handling. It is clear that it will take airlines longer to bounce back than other parts of the economy, and it is unlikely that people will resume interstate and international travel at the pre-COVID-19 rates for some time.

The Government is planning its next steps for the economic recovery right now, and we need to take urgent action to ensure that they back Australian aviation workers.



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