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To: Ben Bessell, CEO of CGU

CGU, don't lock your doors on injured workers

With your support, the Injured Workers Network have won their next big fight!

CGU agreed to meet with Injured Workers' representatives from Victorian Trades Hall Council, and have written a formal apology for their treatment of injured workers.

Another important victory! Start your own campaign on Megaphone today.

CGU should apologise for its "unreasonable and unjust" behaviour revealed by the Victorian Ombudsman. In one example CGU were caught out hiding evidence from medical experts to try and terminate an injured workers' claim.

We are real people with real families and deserve to be treated better, we deserve an apology. We are not just manila folders on a desk waiting to be "terminated."

We tried to meet with CGU last week but they shut the door and locked us out.

Why is this important?

The Victorian Ombudsman released a damning report that slams the behaviour of Workers Compensation Insurance agents like CGU. It revealed that CGU made $15 million out of the Workers Comp system in 2014/15.

But that profit came at the expense of injured workers and their families. CGU was caught using selective evidence to terminate workers comp claims, as well as flouting independent medical panels' decisions. In one case, the treating Dr of a worker said that CGU's "unreasonable" behaviour was putting the worker's recovery at risk.

Allianz and QBE have publicly apologized for their treatment of injured workers. CGU's response was to lock the door on injured workers.

CGU are making massive profits whilst they figure out ways to avoid paying for injured workers' costs. But while they celebrate, injured workers are contemplating suicide.

Insurance agents are dealing in human misery. We need to stop rewarding them for it.

Reasons for signing

  • Workers injured at work need to be supported whilst recovering not tormented and made to feel inadequate and at fault. The insurance companies have a lot to answer for. There behaviour is deplorable!
  • QBE has never apologized to me. If QBE are apologizing to any injured workers, it would only be a stunt.
  • Workers injured at work must be treated fairly


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