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To: Jack Gance and Mario Verrocchi, owners of Chemist Warehouse

Chemist Warehouse: Respect Your Workers

After two weeks on strike, NUW members at Chemist Warehouse have won a new agreement! This is union power.

Workers have secured a payrise of minimum 18.75%, permanent jobs for all labour-hire casual workers on strike, and recognition of and training to deal with gendered violence, amongst other wins.

For too long Chemist Warehouse has been relying on low wages, labour hire, and a toxic work culture to make monster profits. The owners are worth over a billion dollars and yet they pay workers 25% below industry standards.

Hundreds of workers across Victoria and Queensland are standing together to demand:
- Wages and conditions on par with industry standards
- Secure jobs: conversion from labour hire casual to permanent
- Respect: an end to the toxic culture of bullying and harassment

We will not stop until all Chemist Warehouse workers have secured industry standard wages, secure jobs, and a safe workplace free from bullying and sexual harassment. Please sign and share our petition to show your support.

Why is this important?

Chemist Warehouse relies on broken rules to keep workers in insecure work - about 70% of staff in distribution warehouses are labour hire casuals.

Many workers who have years of experience with the company are made to rely on daily text messages, sometimes as late as 10pm, to confirm if they have a shift the following day. Being placed on unpaid standby for days or weeks on end is also common.

Workers are afraid to speak out for fear of losing shifts. The workplace culture is toxic, with many of us facing bullying, intimidation and sexual harassment.

Chemist Warehouse could provide us with decent, safe and secure jobs - but they have chosen not to. We've been bargaining with the company since 2018 but they have ignored our demands. That's why hundreds of workers across Victoria and Queensland are now taking industrial action against Chemist Warehouse. Show your support for striking workers by signing the petition.



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