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To: Sharon Pickering, Monash University Dean of Arts

Class Sizes Up, Contact Hours Down – Save Our Arts Faculty

Monash University’s Faculty of Arts has begun 2018 with changes that will significantly affect the nature and quality of education for Arts students.

New conditions in the faculty reportedly include:

- A 20% increase in tutorial sizes with classes of up to 30 students;

- The reductions of tutorial hours for units, including getting rid of some tutorials altogether;

- The removal of marked assessments for some units, now being replaced for online quizzes;

- Requiring unit coordinators to increase their workloads; and

- Significantly decreasing consultation times by not paying tutors outside of class-time.

These changes lessen the quality of your education, with less time for class discussion, less time with teaching staff and less feedback on your work.

Why is this important?

The MSA’s number one priority is a better student experience, including the academic experience. We are determined to consult with the university and staff in developing ways to deliver this, where these changes have evidence, and are in the best interests of students.

However, we are greatly concerned that these changes will undermine the quality of your education within the Faculty of Arts while you continue to pay the same fees.

Stand up to these changes and sign this petition as we call on the Dean of Arts, Sharon Pickering, to reverse the changes and include student consultation on any future course changes. It is the only way to protect the quality of your education.


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