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To: MSS Security at Perth Airport

Clean, palatable drinking water for workers!

This campaign has ended.

Workers at MSS at Perth Airport have asked management for clean, palatable drinking water since October last year. WHS Reps have raised this issue in monthly reports, delegates have raised it at their JCC and the response from MSS was to refer the matter to Perth Airport Pty Ltd for more water testing. Meanwhile workers are STILL without access to clean, palatable water!

Why is this important?

Members have reported to their delegates and WHS reps that the water is undrinkable - it "had sediment in it", "tastes metallic", "tastes like bore water".

It is not good enough for workers to be left without access to water. Please sign to tell MSS that we need to be provided with clean, palatable water!


2021-04-19 09:13:45 +1000

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