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To: Fair Work Commission

Community and disability workers deserve a pay rise

This campaign has ended.

ASU members are calling for a 5.5% wage increase for community and disability workers in the 2022 National Wage Case in the Fair Work Commission.

We are also campaigning for Governments to support our call and fund the wage increase.

The cost of living has skyrocketed. Everything has gone up except our wages. To stay afloat, the sector needs a meaningful pay rise.

Frontline workers in the community and disability sector have carried Australia through the pandemic and supported communities in responding to fires, floods, and drought. We have been in higher demand and under more pressure than ever supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

We deserve a decent pay rise to value the work we do.

The newly elected Labor Government has recommended that the Fair Work Commission ensures the real wages of Australia’s low-paid workers do not go backwards.

Join our campaign for a 5.5% wage increase and demand the Fair Work Commission delivers a meaningful pay rise that will allow us to finally keep up with the cost of living.

Without a real pay rise delivered now, our wages will continue to go backwards.

Why is this important?

We deserve a decent pay rise for the work we continue to do.

We are essential workers – keeping our communities strong, loved ones safe and doing critical work to support our most vulnerable. We support people with disabilities to actively participate in our community and support those in our community who have been hit hard in recent times.

We deserve a pay rise.

Only by joining together through the Australian Services Union can we win the wage increases we need and deserve.

The Annual Wage Review is the ONLY guaranteed wage increase anywhere in the economy.

Sign our petition and join our campaign to win the pay increase we need and deserve.



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