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To: Chris Crewther, Liberal MP for Dunkley

Cross with Chris: we demand Crewther apologise to Kerrie

MP lost his seat in election.

Kerrie Devir is a proud member of the Frankston community. And she’s been viciously attacked on social media by her local Federal Member of Parliament, Chris Crewther.

Kerrie has lived in Frankston for more than 20 years. She doesn’t earn much and, like so many others, she’s found it harder and harder to make ends meet. She’s sick of seeing people's wages go backwards, our jobs get more insecure, while big business makes bigger and bigger profits.

So Kerrie decided to speak out. She’s been calling people across her community about why we need to Change The Rules so ordinary workers like her can get fair pay and secure jobs.

In response, her local Liberal MP Chris Crewther has attacked Kerrie online. Mr Crewther took to social media and told the thousands of people who follow him on Facebook that she was aggressive. He also accused Kerrie of pretending to be from

Why is this important?

Kerrie has been trying to talk to local MP Chris Crewther for months, asking for his support for fair pay for ordinary workers like her. Two weeks ago she spoke at a public meeting in Frankston. Mr Crewther was invited - but he didn’t show up. When finally he did acknowledge Kerrie - it was to attack her online.

We condemn this disgraceful attack on Kerrie. We call on Chris Crewther to do the decent thing and apologise, and actually meet with and listen to her concerns and those of other workers doing it tough in his electorate.

Reasons for signing

  • Any MP who refuses to meet with a constituent does not deserve a place in the Australian Government!
  • Sounds like Crewther is a gutless so and so!! I wonder if Crewther can substantiate any of his claims? Maybe he'e a liar or a truth-teller, who knows. Surely he should come out and prove his claims or apologize?
  • Time to move the Libs on.


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