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To: Coles

Della Rosa: stop racism and bullying towards Indian workers

We have worked at Della Rosa for many years watching management come onto the production floor and yell at us, scream at us, and say things like "you bloody Indians," and "you f**king Indians." They say this to us to scare and intimidate us. We never thought we would experience this behaviour in Australia, but we have had to listen to this because we have all been scared and we don't want to lose our jobs.

"Management would regularly come into the lunchroom while we were on our lunch break, and say "bloody Indians" to all of us, I found this very disrespectful and it made me so uncomfortable."

"The production manager took me into a room and yelled at me, he really scared me, and he said 'you bloody Punjabi girl,' I didn't leave India to come here and to be treated like this." - Talwinder Kaur

But we don’t want anyone else to suffer through what I have suffered through. We don’t want it to happen to anyone else. This is our first job in Australia after migrating from India.

Why is this important?

We manufacture and pack pizzas at Della Rosa that are sold at the big supermarkets such as Coles, and Woolworths.

We work very hard, sometimes in unsafe conditions, to make sure that you have the food that you buy from the supermarket, but we are bullied and harassed. We want the supermarkets to tell Della Rosa to stop this behaviour, the public needs to know the way that migrants are being spoken to. We have just come here to work and have a better future for us and our families.


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