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To: Deliveroo

Deliveroo: Stop exploiting delivery riders

Diego has won his unfair dismissal case against Deliveroo!

This is HUGE news for Diego and his family, and huge news for all gig workers in Australia.

It's clear what this means: gig workers' protections are hopelessly out of date, and the Federal Government must step in to regulate this industry.

Riders like Diego shouldn't have to go up against the likes of Deliveroo just to fight for basic rights.

Diego and thousands of food delivery riders like him have been hailed as the heroes of the pandemic, allowing restaurants to stay open and people to self-isolate.

But Diego had his life destroyed when he was suddenly sacked by Deliveroo via an anonymous email stating he wasn’t delivering "fast enough" – which came with no prior warning and no chance to respond. After three years of hard work at Deliveroo, he was left without a job and without income to support his 11 month old daughter.

Food delivery riders work hard and should be entitled to the same fair pay and proper working conditions as other workers. This includes protections from unfair dismissals.

But because Deliveroo say that these riders are not "workers" but businesses, they can't access the pay and conditions that Australian workers have fought for. Deliveroo must stop exploiting delivery riders. It's not good enough.

Why is this important?

Food delivery riders work weekends, nights and in appalling weather with no penalty rates, minimum rates or even guaranteed pay. They get no sick leave if they are unwell and need to stay at home. They get no superannuation or annual leave.

And despite working a dangerous job with little reward, they can be sacked without warning or the chance to appeal. That's what happened to Diego. It's not fair.

With the help of the TWU, Diego is standing up to Deliveroo, one of the biggest food delivery companies in the world. We're taking Deliveroo to court to contest Diego's unfair dismissal. Can you show your support for Diego by signing the petition?



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