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To: All Federal MPs and Senators

Discrimination has no place in our schools

The Independent Education Union of Australia opposes Scott Morrison's proposed Religious Discrimination Bill, and we call on all federal politicians to block this dangerous and divisive legislation.

The vast majority of our 75,000 members work in faith-based schools right across Australia. These workers deserve to be protected from discrimination and to be treated based on merit, not on irrelevant factors such as marital or parental status, sexual orientation or identity or religious activity.

Most employers in non-government education are proud to lead open, inclusive and welcoming schools. They understand that ultimately students benefit where staff are diverse, safe and supported, and do not want the right to discriminate.

Despite this, too many teachers, support staff and principals live in fear of being ‘found out’ for being LGBTIQ+, for being a single parent, for being in a de facto relationship, or even for being married or divorced in a way not considered ‘correct’ by their employer. Too many have found themselves demoted, marginalised in their workplace or even fired as a result.

Why is this important?

The Morrison government's proposed legislation will entrench the right to discriminate in all faith-based institutions across Australia, and will bulldoze the protections which have been hard-fought for in individual states and territories.

We are also deeply concerned about the cover provided by this Bill for bigotry, misogyny and homophobia – not just in non-government education, but in all schools and workplaces. Insulting, hurtful and offensive statements about women, members of the LGBTIQ+ community, single parents, people with disabilities or illness will be afforded legal protection and harder to call out.

We support religious freedoms, including the freedom against discrimination. However, the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill does not protect against discrimination – it enables it.

It must be stopped. We call on all politicians to oppose this dangerous and misguided legislation.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this petition to the Federal Government, and to relevant political parties and independent politicians. We may also deliver electorate-based results to key individual MPs to illustrate the concerns within their own constituencies.


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