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To: Brian Paynter, Member for Bass

Don't be a bunny Brian Paynter - save our Easter Sunday public holiday!

Don't be a bunny Brian Paynter - save our Easter Sunday public holiday!

This Easter Sunday hundreds of workers from Pakenham to Phillip Island and Wonthaggi to Inverloch will be working.

Brian Paynter, the MP for Bass, doesn't think those working on Easter Sunday should receive public holiday penalty rates. He's mocked public holidays in Parliament and called the Easter Sunday public holiday "an absolute crime."

Sign the petition calling on Brian Paynter to stand up for local workers this Easter weekend.

Why is this important?

This Easter Sunday some of us will get a much-needed break and time to spend with family and friends.

However, others won’t be so fortunate and will spend the day serving our coffees, caring for the sick, pulling our pints and cleaning our hotel rooms.

If Brian Paynter gets his way the Easter Sunday public holiday would be scrapped and workers would receive a pay cut.

Wage cuts are bad for everyone in Bass. Its workers who spend money at local businesses and keep our local economy strong.

Don’t be a bunny Brian Paynter – save the Easter Sunday Public Holiday.


Reasons for signing

  • Australian workers do $7500-$10,000 worth of unpaid overtime every year - the LEAST we deserve is a day off on Easter Sunday to spend with our families.
  • On public holidays 100s of people visit Phillip Island and it's the lowest paid people that have to work the day to serve their coffees etc. Brian Paynter should see the value in public holidays and stick up for those local workers at the same time


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