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To: The Hon. Christian Porter MP, Minister for Social Services

Young people need real jobs, not rip-off gigs!

Young people need real jobs, not rip-off gigs!

We want the Federal Government to invest in strategies that promote long-term, secure, and fair jobs for young people.

Why is this important?

First, they gave us the PaTH program. Then, while Australia was celebrating a YES result in the marriage equality plebiscite, Social Services Minister Christian Porter was sneaking through a new policy that will see young people end up in insecure, short-term "gig" work.

“Y4Y Youth Force” is this government’s latest attack on young people. This new policy will see young people who are looking for secure, long-term work shoved into the gig economy.

According to the Government's own fact sheet, young people engaged through "Y4Y Youth Force" can find themselves doing all kinds of work, from gardening to deliveries, catering to hospitality, and even child minding - all without being able to access the minimum wages, penalty rates, superannuation, and WorkCover that they'd be legally entitled to outside of the gig economy.

The gig economy isn’t the answer for young people who are struggling to find work. We deserve real solutions, real training, and a real investment in our future. We don’t deserve to be cast off into insecure, short-term “gigs”.



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Check out the policy fact sheet from the Department of Social Services here:

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Check out the Minister's press release here: