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To: Scott Morrison

Don't let schools discriminate against LGBTIQA+ students and teachers

The Liberals' religious freedoms review would give religious schools the ability to fire teachers and expel students who are LGBTIQA+.

This is a massive step backwards. Last year Australians overwhelmingly voted for marriage equality. We know that most Australians want laws that protect LGBTIQA+ people from discrimination.

It's outrageous that we are even having this discussion - of course you shouldn't be able to fire someone because of their gender identity or sexuality.

Scott Morrison must stop these proposed laws from going any further.

Why is this important?

LGBTIQA+ students and teachers are already under pressure from bullying at schools. These proposed laws would only make things worse.

As a trans person and a former teacher, I constantly heard what the students were saying after class. You would hear kids making fun of “tr*nnies” and “f*gs”. You can see how isolated and vulnerable children become.

Many students and teachers already spend years hiding their identity to the detriment of their mental health. This would only become more intense with the added pressure of losing your job or your place at school.

Everyone should have the right to feel safe at school and at work. These proposed laws make schools less safe for everyone, and must be stopped. Sign my petition to say NO to discrimination against LGBTIQA+ students and teachers.

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons

Reasons for signing

  • The 'freedom' to exclude gay teachers from religious schools already exists. The idea of excluding gay students (politically active ones?) is atrocious!
  • These visionless, uneducated fools are not fit to run a school cafeteria, let alone the country! Everything they attempt is socially, economically or environmentally destructive.
  • Because everyone deserves equal rights regardless of who they are


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