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To: Malcolm Turnbull

Don't steal our voices.

We're calling on Malcolm Turnbull to abandon plans to stop ordinary people standing up for the their beliefs by handing out flyers on election day.

Democracy belongs to all of us - not just Malcolm Turnbull and his millionaire mates.

Don't mess with democracy. Don't steal our voices!

Why is this important?

At the last federal election, I handed out how to vote cards in the seat of La Trobe, asking voters to consider putting the Liberals last because I was deeply concerned about workers rights and Medicare and the impact it was having on my community. It was just a small way I could do my bit to take part in our democracy, before grabbing a sausage and voting myself.

That’s why I was shocked to read in today’s Herald Sun that the Turnbull government is looking at banning people like me from campaigning about (what I care about) on election day. I’m not a member of a political party, and I don’t have millions of dollars to spend on TV ads like Malcolm Turnbull and his friends, but I have a right to be heard just as much as you or anyone else.

You might not be interested in handing our flyers yourself - you might even find the whole voting process a pain the bum - but you’d have to agree that we’re heading into dangerous territory when the politicians decide to start restricting our democratic right to be heard.

Please, sign my petition and make sure the government can’t mess with democracy by stealing our voices on election day.


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