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To: Matt Comyn

End Pay Secrecy at CBA

CBA have announced they are scrapping pay secrecy clauses.

Did you know that CBA pockets an estimated $500 million each year by perpetuating the gender pay gap?

They do this by enforcing outdated pay secrecy clauses within their contracts.

Last year, CEO Matt Comyn told Parliament that CBA didn’t enforce their pay secrecy clauses, saying “we don't enforce those" and "I don't think that's good policy – one that you're not going to enforce"

We really didn’t think that was true, so, FSU surveyed CBA staff to find out the truth.

Almost every single respondent – 95% – told us they understand that there is ban on talking about pay and many shared stories that detailed just how rampant the inequities in the CBA pay system are.

Why is this important?

So sign our petition and show solidarity to women everywhere who are being systemically underpaid by giant corporations! Tell CBA they CAN change.



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