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To: Matt Comyn

End CBA's Pay Gag

All CBA contracts of employment contain a standard clause that deems remuneration "confidential" and insists that employees not talk about their pay with colleagues. A breach of the clause is grounds for disciplinary action and even firing.

FSU members are calling for Matt Comyn and CBA to:
1. Remove pay gag clauses from contract templates immediately, and
2. Clearly communicate to staff that they will not enforce existing clauses in the future.

In September, when asked about these clauses by a parliamentary standing committee, you (Matt Comyn, CBA CEO) said, "We don't enforce those" and "I don't think that's good policy – one that you're not going to enforce" (see full video below).

Shockingly, less than a month after these comments were made, CBA sacked an FSU member for talking about his own pay. There are regular reports of CBA managers hosing-down conversations and "reminding" people that "pay is confidential".

Why is this important?

Draconian Pay Secrecy clauses that prohibit employees from talking pay with their colleagues create environments in which the gender pay gap and other inequalities are hidden and cannot be addressed.

This only benefits employers who line their pockets while employees unknowingly continue to be paid less than they're worth.


Reasons for signing

  • Loyal worker with two decades at the bank. Leaving because wages suck and we can’t even gauge what others in my job family get to negotiate properly. CBA is getting worse every year.
  • It's a stupid BS rule.


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