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To: Scott Morrison

We need a proper health response

The Government's discriminatory travel ban in response to the Coronavirus unfairly targets temporary visa holders. End the travel ban now.

Why is this important?

The ban prevents temporary migrants who have recently been in China from travelling to Australia. This approach is not backed by the World Health Organisation. The Coronavirus doesn't know your visa status. We need a proper health response.

This ban discriminates against international students and workers on temporary visas who can't return to their communities. Many of those affected have lived in Australia for years and call this country home.

Temporary migrant workers are more likely to be in insecure work, have less access to paid leave and there has been no consideration of the hardship this ban will create. People stand to lose their jobs, their ability to pay for rent and there will be ongoing impacts on visa eligibility into the future.

The Migrant Workers Centre supports all temporary visa holders and will offer assistance to those whose employment has been impacted. Sign up here to call on Scott Morrison to end the ban

近日,澳洲政府决议禁止所有非澳洲籍公民及持永久居民签证者,並且有中国大陆旅游史的旅客入境。这措舉并不符合日前世界卫生组织針對新型冠狀病毒所發布的规章。新型冠状病毒并不认得个人是持有 何種簽證。我们要的是更严谨的防疫措施。




Reasons for signing

  • I'm an Australian citizen, I was forced to be separated from my loved ones at the airport because they hold a Chinese passport. I could never understand the logic of it, what makes you think the virus will only affect people who hold Chinese passport?? it's a coronavirus not a racist virus!
  • The Chinese are not viruses. We should be respected.
  • My employment is impacted by the travel ban


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