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To: Graham Quirk - Lord Mayor of Brisbane

Enough is Enough: Brisbane's bus drivers deserve protection

Enough is Enough:  Brisbane's bus drivers deserve protection

Bus drivers deserve protection. Too many are being attacked, maimed and even killed just doing their jobs.

Bus drivers work long hours at any time of the day or night ensuring all of us can get to where we need to go. But they need to be protected and have the right to go home to their families at the end of their shift.

— Bus Drivers deserve safety capsules;
— The development of a industry required bus model that incorporates a separate driver cabin must happen;
— An immediate increase in the number of authorised transit officers as a primary response to enhance security on buses.
— Expand the rail police squad onto buses and trams; and
— Complete of the review into driver safety and immediately implement of its recommendations.

Why is this important?

Another week and another assault on one of our bus drivers.

Following the tragic death of one bus driver in October, attacks on bus drivers have not stopped.

29-year-old bus driver Manmeet Alisher was killed when he was set alight by a 48-year-old man in an unprovoked attack:

A bus driver, just doing his job, supporting the community, had his life taken from him in what is a senseless and needless act. His parents have lost a son, and siblings lost a brother.

Right now, police are searching for a male cyclist after a 60-year-old bus driver was repeatedly punched in the face just for doing their job:

These aren't isolated incidents. Bus drivers are being assaulted every week.

Enough is enough. It has to stop.

Reasons for signing

  • Family works within the transport industry so i want to ensure that they come home safe
  • All bus drivers need to be protected from assaults as do the passengers. Its time the politicians stopped making excuses and just did the job they were elected to do and promised to do for the Bus Industry and bus drivers of Queensland.
  • The RTBU & TWU are each running a campaign for safety on our buses. The TWU's Get on Board stop bus driver assaults was supported by 13000 signatures. The State Government commissioned Deloitte's to carry out a review in to Bus Driver Assaults. This was completed. We are told it is sitting on the desk of a Public Servant who is to decide if it should be implemented. Our bus drivers & the travelling public want the Deloitte's Review in to Bus Driver Assaults implemented now!


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