To: Chief administrator Kathy Alexander

Fair Parking in Geelong: Stop the Rort!

Fair Parking in Geelong: Stop the Rort!

We demand the Council Administrators immediately reverse the increase in parking fees in the City of Geelong.

Why is this important?

Working people in Geelong are suffering with the increase in underemployment and the cuts to pays as a result of attacks to penalty rates. The un-elected council administrators sky-rocketing parking fees is yet another blow to the paypackets of Geelong workers.

Reasons for signing

  • I work in the city and I can not continue to absorb the increase costs of parking.
  • Though I don't drive (yet), I'm signing because increases to parking fees will impact hardest low income people who are already doing it tough.
  • Parking and working in Geelong cbd the city is growing I get it but it's a double edge sword all the parks lost and price increases


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