To: Federal Minister for Education Simon Birmingham

Federal Education Minister: we call on you to stand up for educators!

Last night on live television Senator David Leyonhjelm said that the only thing "childcare workers" do of any value is “wiping noses and stopping kids from killing each other”!

Join me in petitioning the Federal Minister for Education, Simon Birmingham, to stand up for early childhood educators and call on Senator Leyonhjelm to publicly apologise for his offensive and ignorant statements about educators.

Why is this important?

I am speechless - how can someone who is meant to be the voice of the people think in this way? Senator Leyonhjelm has offended every educator in Australia.

We are early childhood educators - not babysitters. We help shape the lives of every child we educate. We set children up for a lifetime of learning, yet are paid as little as $20 an hour.

Politicians need to recognise the importance of the work we do, as we know that the majority of a child's brain development occurs in their first few years of life.

A month ago I joined other educators in chaining myself to Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison’s office because we are fed up with our work being undervalued by this government! We are done with asking nicely - we want to be valued and respected for the important work we do.

Simon Birmingham, as the Federal Minister for Education, you must surely understand the value of early childhood education in shaping the futures of our children. We call on you to stand up for educators and demand Senator Leyonhjelm retract his comments and make a public apology.

Reasons for signing

  • Because my work is more than 'wiping snotty noses' - I work hard to provide quality experiences for children that are tailored to them as individuals and enhance their learning. My work and the work of other educators needs to be recognised as more than just 'glorified babysitting'.
  • Because we are EDUCATORS NOT babysitters and these politicians need to value us and the work we do.
  • I signed because I'm sick of the politicians who are sitting in their relaxed and luxury offices and have no ideas what exactly the realities of our hard jobs are! They don't value our jobs, we don't value each of their words which offended us strongly for only their dirty political purposes. Without us, early learning education systems may not exist.


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