To: Malcolm Turnbull PM

Fraser Anning Must Resign

Queensland Senator Fraser Anning has refused to apologise for his vile and racist "final solution" comments in Parliament. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull must demand his resignation immediately.

Why is this important?

Last night Fraser Anning made his maiden speech in the Australian Senate. He used this speech to praise the White Australia Policy and called for a "final solution" on Muslim immigration.

This kind of language is completely unacceptable anywhere, let alone in our parliament. Giving Fraser Anning a platform to make this kind of speech legitimises dangerous racists and neo-Nazis. He is unfit to be a Senator.

Fraser Anning must resign immediately.


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  • no room for this
  • My father spent five and a half years on active service (1940-45) in a war we are told was about stopping arseholes like Anning in their tracks. How then are they now infiltrating our federal parliament? Anning and his ilk are an affront to all of us who believe in liberty and justice.
  • Fraser Anning doesn't realise that people like *him* are the true threat to the Australian way of life. Our culture of welcome is our strength. If he can't deal with it, he should resign.


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