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To: Fraser Anning

Fraser Anning Must Resign

In the wake of the horrific terror incident in New Zealand, Queensland Senator Fraser Anning has chosen to use his platform to make a hateful Islamophobic statement.

He has previously refused to apologise for his vile and racist "final solution" comments in Parliament.

This has gone too far. Fraser Anning must resign immediately.

Why is this important?

Senator Fraser Anning's comments about immigration in NZ today are completely unconscionable. Before this he has previously used his maiden speech to praise the White Australia Policy and called for a "final solution" on Muslim immigration.

This kind of language is completely unacceptable anywhere, let alone in our parliament.

Giving Fraser Anning a platform to make this kind of speech legitimises dangerous racists and neo-Nazis. It creates hate, division and leads to violence.

He is unfit to be a senator. Fraser Anning must resign now.


Reasons for signing

  • I think he is a bigot as well as a couple of others in Parliament
  • Not good for the prostitution business
  • I signed because Mr Anning is a bigot and a fool. This country was made great by the very people he wishes to exclude


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