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To: Josh Frydenberg, Treasurer

Extend JobKeeper To All Workers #NoWorkerLeftBehind

Last week the news broke that the Government’s JobKeeper wage subsidy has cost $60 billion less than expected.

That’s $60 billion that could be spent supporting the workers and families locked out of JobKeeper who’ve been lining up at food banks and even facing eviction as they struggle to pay rent.

Right now, Josh Frydenberg can make the decision to expand JobKeeper to all and ensure no worker in Australia falls through this crucial safety net at this time of crisis.

Can you send Josh Frydenberg an email now, calling on him to expand JobKeeper?

Why is this important?

A few weeks ago, he ruled out giving migrant workers a wage subsidy, saying a line had to be drawn somewhere. Now, with an extra $60 billion to spend, the Morrison government is out of excuses. How can Josh Frydenberg condemn over a million workers to starve when the Government has $60 billion in its back pocket?

Don’t worry if you’ve never emailed a politician before, or if you’re not sure what you say.

All you need to say is that you’re calling on the Morrison Government to expand their wage subsidy, and talk about what it would mean to you.

If you’ve lost your job due to COVID, you can write about the challenges you’re facing, and what it means if you’ll be able to pay rent, buy groceries and support your family.

If you haven’t lost work or you are eligible for support but want to write a letter to Josh Frydenberg in solidarity, you can share what expanding JobKeeper will mean for people you know or in your community.

It’s a critical moment and an opportunity to put pressure on the Government to expand their wage subsidy. We need to send a strong message to Josh Frydenberg about what this could mean for over a million workers.

Migrant workers and casual workers who do the same jobs should receive the same support, especially in times of crisis.


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