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To: Gallagher Bassett

Gallagher Bassett - Stop doctor shopping to kick injured workers off compensation

The Injured Workers Network taking on insurance companies ripping off injured workers

Gallagher Bassett, stop Dr shopping to kick injured workers off compensation.

Emails from Gallagher Basset made public by the Victorian Ombudsman show that Gallagher Bassett had an approved Dr list with one described as “good for terminations.”

In another email, one staff member encouraged another staff member to terminate a workers comp claim based on shonky evidence: “Knock your socks off and terminate away!!”

It’s our lives, and our families’ lives you’re destroying here.

Why is this important?

Insurance companies like Gallagher Bassett make millions of dollars every year out of financial rewards for terminating compensation claims. They focus on booting injured workers off compensation to maximise their own profit.

This comes at an extraordinary cost to injured workers who are forced to fight these insurance companies to get the help they need to recover. Insurance agents are dealing in human misery. We need to stop rewarding them.

We are the Injured Workers Support Network and we are here to support injured workers and to change our broken system.

Reasons for signing

  • They make everything as complicated as possible. Managers cancelling payment for prescription that had been approved, sending threatening letters, stonewalling my requests, losing correspondence sent by my GP and being selective in which reports she uses to make her decision.
  • It is difficult enough to have to suffer with a work place injury without being treated like this.
  • I am currently experiencing this and wish that work cover was there to support the injured worker not the employer and the insurance company It is enough to drive a person to despair!!


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