To: Geelong Chamber of Commerce

Save penalty rates in Geelong!

Pledge to support penalty rates in Geelong.

Why is this important?

Penalty rates help Geelong workers survive - yet the Chamber of Commerce thinks we deserve a pay cut. Everyday hard-working Australians deserve a pay rise - not to have their wages slashed.

Workers in hospitality, retail and pharmacy are all having their penalty rates cut - and who will be next? Hairdressers? Nurses? Construction workers? Paramedics?

Wage cuts are bad for business in Geelong. It's the workers who spend money at local business and keep our local economy strong. The Geelong Chamber of Commerce must come out in support of their local community. They must stand up to protect the pay of weekend workers.

When workers don't do well, no one does well. This cut won't create jobs, it will just take money out of the Geelong economy, while locals struggle to make ends meet.

Reasons for signing

  • By not having a phone contact number by scammers
  • A fair days wage for a fair days work is not much to ask for? Tgen why aren't you standing up for the workers of Geelong Sarah Henderson?