To: Australian Parliamentarians

Get Super Working For Women

The superannuation system is failing women. Recent research shows that the superannuation balances of women are 47% lower than for men, and many women will retire into poverty.

The gender pay gap, particularly in feminised industries and occupations, is only one part of a wicked problem that women in Australia face.

The problem starts from day one of work – women work for lower pay, and work less because they make and keep homes, raise kids and care for their whole families, but are not paid for the contributions that women typically make to support others.

As a lot of women’s work is unpaid or underpaid women’s superannuation balances fall further and further behind, and women are retiring with around half as much superannuation as men.

Every day we ignore this problem, the impact will get worse. Urgent action needs to be taken to get super working for women.

We call on our parliamentarians to:

1. Ensure superannuation is paid on the government’s paid parental leave scheme.

2. Eliminate the minimum threshold for compulsory employer contributions of $450 per month in earnings, so that even if we only work for a few hours a month for a particular employer we are still paid superannuation.

3. Immediately implement the planned increase in compulsory superannuation to 12%.

4. Put in place structures that encourage superannuation contribution sharing when only one parent is working.

5. Fund government co-contribution top-ups for workers who are not on track for a decent retirement.

Why is this important?

The Australian Services Union is campaigning to Get Super Working For Women, following recent research which shows that the current superannuation system is failing women. Women are retiring into poverty, with only, on average, half as much superannuation as men.

Reasons for signing

  • My mother is one of these women. It is grossly unfair and goes against the principles that super itself is founded upon. If our Government are going to install a nation-wide superannuation for the benefit of Australians then we have an obligation to ensure that super works for ALL Australians, not just the privileged.
  • This issue has been around for a long time as Super funds have been so poorly regulated. I am so happy to see some movement on this issue. It is about time something was done!
  • Because women are being pushed into poverty particularly if family relationships break down and they do not have sufficient super to finance their retirement


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