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To: Bankstown Sports Club

Give Bankstown Club workers a fair go during job cuts

Bankstown Club workers are calling on the Club to do the right thing by us by:

• Extending workers’ access to JobKeeper as much as possible.
• Meeting with the union for a full briefing and discussion of next steps.
• Explaining the framework used when deciding to choose a worker for redundancy – it must be fair and non-discriminatory.
• Openly communicating the results of who has a job and who does not – we deserve to know who has a job and why.
• Not making redundancy decisions before the consultation process is complete.

Why is this important?

Due to a decline in turnover during the COVID-19 crisis, Bankstown Sports Club has proposed a number of redundancies across the club.

While COVID-19 is hurting all of us, we deserve the opportunity to work through these job cuts together. Union members are calling for fairness and transparency from the Bankstown Sports Club.



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