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To: Steven Marshall

Give Us A Break - Portable Long Service Leave for Community Sector Workers

Premier Marshall,

We work every day supporting our community, but short term funding and insecure work means most of us working in the community sector never get to access long service leave. Portable Long Service Leave would fix this problem

Portable Long Service Leave is a system that works in the construction industry around Australia and is being established for community sector workers interstate.

Give us the break we deserve so we can keep working to support our community by legislating Portable Long Service Leave.

Why is this important?

Community sector workers need a break. We work with women escaping domestic violence, with people in mental distress and with people sleeping rough among many other important services.

Insecure work and short term government funding means we often move from job to job losing our long service leave entitlements which pushes workers to burn out and leave the sector.

Together in our union, we're campaigning for a portable long service leave system so that we get the break we deserve and we can keep supporting our community.

Join the Australian Services Union and join our campaign for portable long service leave for community sector workers in South Australia!



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