To: Republic Bar & Cafe Trading Pty Ltd

Give workers at Republic Bar their fair share!

Loyal, hard-working staff at the Republic Bar in Hobart have been chucked out due to a change of ownership - told they can’t even reapply for their jobs for 3 months.

We call on the previous owners of the Republic Bar and Cafe, to pay their workers a reasonable separation payment, in respect of their commitment to this venue which allowed it to be sold for $4 million and to keep trading in the lead up to the sale.

Why is this important?

All but 6 staff at Republic Bar are casual and are not entitled to a redundancy payment. At the end of the holiday season, hospitality jobs will be hard to come by. Amidst the current rental crisis in Hobart, these workers may find it impossible to keep a roof over their heads.

The previous owners only informed their workforce (via email and letters) that they would be out of a job once the staff came together to discuss their futures.

The owners could not even bring themselves to tell their staff personally.

The Republic Bar is a thriving venue in Hobart, known for the friendly, welcoming staff that makes it a success.

Without the staff, the venue would have been closed before the handover to Pub Banc Group.

It’s only fair that they should get a share of the $4 million dollar sale that has left them out of work, so that they can survive until they find more work in the quieter hospitality season.

We call on the community, who have supported and been supported by the Republic Bar staff for decades, to show the owners that the Republic Bar punters, musos and the Tasmanian community will not stand for this.