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To: Defence Minister Linda Reynolds

Help retain the Collins Class full cycle docking maintenance in SA and save up to 700 jobs.

What we want

1. The government has made commitments to the South Australian shipbuilding workforce at Osborne to invest in ongoing work and safe, secure careers. They need to keep that promise and retain the Collins Class full cycle docking maintenance in SA.

2. Professionals, tradespeople and operators in shipbuilding want to actively protect the industry in SA, maintain consistent and growing employment across the industry and supply chain, and avoid “valleys of death” in shipbuilding.

3. We want the Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise to deliver jobs which working people and their families and our local communities can count on

Why is this important?

The Federal Government is actively considering moving the full cycle docking maintenance of the Collin Class from its current base in Osborne, South Australia to Western Australia.

The Osborne workforce built the Collins Class submarines has continued to provide design enhancements, maintenance and through-life support of the six-vessel fleet at the Osborne Naval Shipyard. They built the subs, they are best place to continue to provide full cycle docking maintenance.

It’s difficult to see how it would be in the national interest to move full cycle docking from Osborne when it will come at a significant cost, result in cost and time blow outs for the performance of maintenance, result in reduced capability for the Navy, not to mention put the majority of the 700 strong Osborne workforce out of work.


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