To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten & university managements

“I’ve Been A Casual at the Same Uni for 13 Years” — Change The Rules for Secure Jobs!

"I’ve been a casual for 13 years at the same university. I do not receive sick leave, holiday pay, carer’s leave or any kind of research or conference support.

In 2014, at the age of 35 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I had two young children, and my partner was also casually employed. It was the hardest few months of my life, and I taught through it all. If I wasn’t in that classroom, my family’s income fell to below $300 per week.

Four days after my second mastectomy, I was in the classroom. I had to get one of my students to write on the whiteboard for me because I couldn’t lift my arm. If my kids are sick on one of my teaching days I can’t stay home to care for them. My family has not been on a holiday together, ever."

- Annie, casual academic

Why is this important?

Our higher education sector is thriving in many ways, but with nearly two-thirds of staff in precarious employment, the successes come at great personal cost to the thousands of insecure workers our institutions rely on. Because management choose to save money by denying secure jobs, it is hard to break out of the cycle of insecure work.

To secure our future, the current trend must stop. In signing this statement, I:
• Call on leaders and university bosses to Change The Rules for more secure jobs, including giving precariously employed staff the right to convert to ongoing work.
• Call on our leaders to restore a proper right to strike so working people are better able to improve their conditions.
• Commit to joining the campaign for secure jobs.


Reasons for signing

  • Being a casual with insecure work is hard for everyone. Everyone just wants the secure employment so they feel better with no anxiety. Something needs to change. Worth cause.
  • I was a casual academic until recently and I know how much universities exploit them. They run over 70% of our courses yet are shut out of any career development or security. Also relying on casual staff weakens the integrity of our courses as they have no time to research or update their knowledge. It's bad for everyone except management who don't seem to are about quality or equity
  • I came from the academic system, and know just how brutal it is.


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