To: Novus Services Group & CEO Nick Krest

International students ripped off by Novus Services Group!

Our former employer, Novus Services Group and CEO Nick Krest, has appointed liquidators and transferred all business to a new company despite the company still owing us at least $23,000 in wages and entitlements.

We are international students from Colombia who were employed as cleaners by Novus Services Group. In the year and a half that we worked for Novus, the company has ripped off at least $23,000 from us in unpaid overtime, penalty rates, and superannuation.

When we found out how much was owing to us, we tried everything: we contacted Nick directly, we went to the Fair Work Ombudsman, and we sent letters of demand through the Migrant Workers Centre. Nick refused to pay.

This week we found out that liquidators have been appointed to wind up Novus Services Group, and Nick has transferred all his business to a new company, Novus Corporation. Nick does not want to pay us what we are owed, and he knows that because we are international students, we are not eligible for compensation under the Fair Entitlements Guarantee.

We also found out that there are more people in the same situation as us. At least 8 other people are owed wages and entitlements, and we have heard that it might be as high as 50 or 60. Novus could be getting away with ripping off workers to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

CEO Nick Krest and Novus need to do the right thing and pay us what they owe.

Why is this important?

We came to Australia to try to build better lives for our families back home. The money Nick owes us would have gone to Daniel’s son’s education. Daniel spent two years away from family to earn money and learn skills to give his son a better chance at having a good life. Now those dreams are shattered.

Nick Krest and Novus Services Group must be held to account. Novus cannot be allowed to continue to use wage theft as a business model.