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To: Damien Frawley, CEO Queensland Investment Corporation

Intervene in the treatment of QIC cleaners!

United Workers Union

Cleaners working at the Canberra Centre shopping mall were facing atrocious treatment under their new contractor Assetlink.

But thanks to the hard work of union members, including an on-site demonstration, they have now secured the following:
✅ Night cleaners struggling to work a later start have returned to previous earlier roster
✅ EBA-compliant duty schedules and letters of appointment re-issued to all workers
✅ Part-timers given certainty over minimum weekly hours
✅ New staffroom provided with lockers
✅ Break times won’t start until workers reach staff room
✅ Cleaners told they can take breaks in public (previously told to stay out of sight)
✅ Extra hours added to security roster
✅ WorkSafe currently investigating various safety issues

Well done to these members who wouldn't sit back and let their conditions be lost! ✊

We demand that CEO of QIC Damien Frawley meet with cleaners who are experiencing atrocious treatment following a contractor change at the Canberra Centre shopping mall.

In addition to cutting hours, the new contractor has also done the following:
- Cut break times
- Ordered cleaners to stay out of sight during breaks
- Pushed night shifts back from 1am to 6am finish
- Failed to resolve problem of lighting going out regularly during night shift
- Reduced the number of security officers on site
- Introduced new duty schedules that are not compliant with the EBA
- Refused to provide documents under Workplace Health & Safety Law

Why is this important?

These cleaners kept the Canberra Centre clean and safe, both before and now during a global pandemic.

Many of these cleaners have worked there for years, but have now been made casual, lost hours, and are receiving disrespectful treatment under their new contractor Assetlink.

The Canberra Centre is one of many malls in the portfolio of Queensland Investment Corporation, which manages around $90 billion in funds, and property and infrastructure assets abroad.

148 Bunda St, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

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