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To: Select Harvests

It's nuts!: Select Harvests workers fight to protect their jobs.

Give workers a fair go! Protect workers on site.

Why is this important?

We work at Select Harvests, Australia’s largest nut processing company. We make products you’ve probably bought at the supermarket like Lucky’s nuts and Sunsol Muesli.

Our co-workers, who are employed through a labour hire company, face an anxious and uncertain future.

In April this year, Select Harvests announced that they would be changing labour hire providers. Usually when companies change providers of casual labour, they get those workers who currently operate the plant to sign up with the new labour hire provider, to ensure continuity of employment and production.

This year, Select Harvests told workers that they would have to reapply for their jobs, which they have done for years. Many employees have been told they were unsuccessful in applying for their own job. They are devastated.

This decision means that many workers we have worked alongside for years might not be back on Monday, all because of a decision by the company to change labour hire providers.

We are fighting for our members at Select Harvests who have been affected by this decision.

All workers deserve respect and consultation on matters that affect their lives and their families. 

The clock is ticking for these workers at Select Harvests, with the possibility of joining a Centrelink queue as a result of a corporate administrative decision.

It is not fair for our hard-working co-workers to be treated like this.


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