To: Josh Frydenberg, Treasurer

Josh Frydenberg must meet with migrant workers

Josh Frydenberg has the power to extend JobKeeper to every worker in the country with the stroke of a pen, but so far has refused to and given no reason why.

Please sit down with us and explain why you are happy to leave us stranded with no income, no support, and no way out.

Why is this important?

The 1.1million migrant workers left behind by Josh Frydenberg aren't just a statistic. We have families, we are part of the community, we live here.

If Josh sat down with migrant workers, he might understand that locking us out of JobKeeper is making people homeless, forcing us to choose between begging or starving. For many of us, going home is simply not an option because there are no flights or borders are closed. We are stuck without a job, without support from the Government, and losing hope.