To: Kevin Maloney, Chairman Norseman Gold PLC

Justice for Wayne Fowlie

Norseman gold PLC did not pay the superannuation entiltments for Wayne Fowlie, resulting in his super fund no longer being able to fund his life insurance policy. Norseman Gold made the mistake in not paying Wayne's super entitlements, they should bear the responsibility for the result of that. Norseman Gold should pay out the life insurance entitlements Wayne Fowlies' family would have received had Norseman Gold followed its obligations.

Why is this important?

Companies are meant to pay super payments into either default funds or employees nominated super funds 4 times a year. Norseman Gold PLC did not pay Wayne Fowlie's super payment into his super fund for a year. The result of this was that when Wayne died he did not have life insurance which is a standard part of most Super arrangements including Wayne's.

Norseman Gold did the wrong thing, they lied to Wayne, his payslips said that the company was paying his super entitlements. Yet a judge recently decided that Norseman Gold PLC were not liable. Wayne's family not only lost a husband and father after he was killed in a mining accident but then also had to deal with the cost of the companies treachery. Its not right and Norseman Gold should do the right thing and pay out the entitlement of the life insurance policy.