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To: Michelle Lensink, Minister for Human Services

Keep Disability SA!

Keep Disability SA!

We reject the State Liberal Government’s recent announcement to privatise disability services in supported community accommodation.

People living with disabilities, their families, workers and their representatives were not consulted about this ideological decision prior to the announcement.

Why is this important?

Government disability services provide stable, individualised and superior quality support services in South Australia.

Workers in these services typically support some of the highest needs people living with disabilities that many non-government providers lack the facilities, expertise or willingness to support.

Privatisation of services would lead to serious consequences, such as:

• A significant limitation in choice for those living with disabilities and their families, contrary to the principles of the NDIS;
• The abolishment of the safety net that ensures that everyone in our society has secure and supported accommodation;
• The loss of specialised support services, built up over many years, that do not exist in the non-government sector;
• Lack of continuity of support for many South Australians for whom instability of living conditions has disastrous and long-term effects;
• Over 500 people being forced into a private sector that has demonstrated it is incapable of meeting their complex needs;
• The loss of 1500-1700 experienced and skilled workers in a sector that is already plagued by chronic staffing shortages;
• Serious gaps in services for regional and remote South Australians;
• Increased insecure employment in a casualised private disability sector; and
• A disability sector governed by profit margins, rather than the needs of the community.

We call on the State Government to reverse their decision to privatise disability services, and commit to delivering high quality services to South Australians in to the future.

Reasons for signing

  • Janet Bennetts
  • These kind and dedicated carers of people with disabilities should be able to continue their work.
  • I have life-long mental disabilities and will need Disabilities SA to help with what they offer. Shame on you State Government for selling essential services that benefit this state when they are in public hands. Not happy at all. ):(


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