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To: Scott Morrison

Keep Disinformation Out of Parliament

Now, more than ever, we should be coming together to look out for each other.

But unfortunately, fringe groups and right-wing politicians are trying to divide working people with conspiracies that promote distrust in government and institutions.

Scott Morrison has allowed disinformation to spread on the floor of parliament - and even defended multiple members of his party for doing so. Every day, he gives politicians like Craig Kelly and George Christensen a platform to spread these views in parliament and on social media.

We want Scott Morrison to keep take action and:
• Kick out politicians who spread disinformation and dangerous conspiracy theories
• Crack down on Facebook and other social media giants

Why is this important?

Racism, homophobia and anti-science views have no place in our parliament, let alone the rest of the country. Giving these views a platform has real world consequences. We've already seen the effects with anti-lockdown and anti-vax protests around the country.

Scott Morrison has no excuse for doing nothing to regulate the harmful effects of social media. Politicians in far-right political parties and coordinated hate groups need to be held to account for what they post online.

If Scott Morrison isn’t up to the job, then we need a new PM that will. Sign the petition if you want to see action taken on the worst parts of our online community.



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