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To: Michaelia Cash

Keep Michaelia Cash out of our unions

Michaelia Cash is trying to convince the Senate to pass the most anti-union laws we have seen in a generation – the so-called Ensuring Integrity Bill.

This is a shocking attack on our democracy.

These laws would give Michaelia Cash, big business and their lobbyists power to interfere with how unions run, giving them the ability to shut down unions, sack union leaders and stop unions from merging.

They are trying to make it harder for workers to stand together in union and do the job of improving the living standards of working people.

They would never apply these same laws to business. Under the Liberals, there is one set of laws that apply to them and their mates, and another set of laws for the rest of us.

Working people can defeat these anti-union laws if we act together, and act now.

Why is this important?

The Turnbull Government have been running a smear campaign against your union using all the same old dirty tricks and dodgy outlets.

They don’t like us because workers are calling out the Turnbull government for failing to address inequality, failing to protect penalty rates, failing to lift wages and failing to create good steady jobs.

Turnbull and Cash want to give themselves the power to be able to say who runs your union. They want to stop unions providing training to members about rights at work, how to get a pay rise or how to keep our workplaces safe. They want to put big banks in charge of your super.

Attacks on unions hurt working people and make inequality worse.

We must defeat these anti-union laws.

Sign and share this petition to tell Michaelia Cash to keep out of our unions.


Reasons for signing

  • HOW does the LNP manage to recruit such ghastly people? This woman can't be serious. The things she says, does, doesn't do, the way she speaks to people, her arrogance, rudeness, barefaced lying, etc. I know she can't help the way she looks, but for chrissake she does emphasise her sharp and caustic tongue, and general evil nature, by presenting herself as something from a Cruella movie.
  • Typical of the rich. With a name like "Cash". That is all they want. More, More, More. Not satisfied with working and living. Just gotta get me the big bickies - for me mate's.
  • Not only should Cash resign, so should all libs.


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