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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison must guarantee our health and safety before we return to work

Australian workers want to go back to work when it is safe to do so. But we don’t want to see a second wave of coronavirus and suffer through another lockdown.

Scott Morrison and the Liberals have a responsibility to ensure our health and safety before we can return to work.

Add your name to the petition now to ensure we can return to work confident that we will be kept safe.

Why is this important?

Without new rules and strong guidelines on workplace safety, we risk a second wave of infections and shutdown.

To protect our safety and ensure there's not a second wave of infections, Scott Morrison must introduce:

➡Paid pandemic leave for all workers.
So workers who believe they may have the illness can get tested and if necessary, take additional time to recover.

➡ Stronger workplace safety rules.
Including a legal obligation on employers to practice things like social distancing, to keep workers and customers safe.

➡Alerts for local health when there's been an infection as a result of work.
So health and safety regulators in the states and territories can track where and how new infections are happening.


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