To: KFC Fawkner

KFC: Don't take jobs away because of visa status!

No worker should be discriminated against because of their visa status.

Rachel* is a sixteen-year-old Rohingya refugee was refused a job at KFC Fawkner only because of her visa status, even though she has full work rights.

They put her through the application process and offered her a job. It was only after they found that she’s on a bridging visa – even though her bridging visa has work rights.

Rachel’s family are on bridging visas because they are applying for protection from the Myanmar Government who are known to be complicit in the murder and oppression of the Rohingya people.

This is discrimination. KFC have failed to offer her the dignity and respect that she and all workers on temporary visas deserve.

As workers and activists, we come together to demand:

- That KFC stop discriminating against workers on the basis of their visa status; and
- That KFC re-offers this young student her job
*Not her real name

Why is this important?

Peter Dutton and the Federal Government has already made life very hard for people seeking asylum. We’ve seen years of cruel indefinite detention, insecure temporary protection visas, and cuts to refugee and asylum seeker assistance programs.

Corporate behemoths like KFC don’t need to make it even harder through hiring practices that discriminate against workers who are currently seeking asylum.