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To: Vice-Chancellor John Dewar

La Trobe University: Hands Off Our V-Grade

The uni has agreed to bring back V-grades for students!

It was announced last week that La Trobe will be scrapping the V-Grade for Semester 2.

The V-Grade was introduced at the start of last year to ensure students going through tough times were not penalised for a situation we had no control over. Instead of failing a subject, students received ‘V – No result recorded due to extenuating circumstances’.

With the unprecedented emotional, academic, and financial stress young people were under last year, the V-Grade was a vital safety net in a time of great uncertainty.

Failing a subject during a global pandemic didn't mean ruining your academic future.

La Trobe Student Union is asking Vice-Chancellor John Dewar to show compassion for students, and reinstate the V-Grade for Semester 2.

Why is this important?

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor said the V-grade was introduced early in the pandemic, in recognition of the distress and uncertainty experienced by many students.

But the pandemic isn’t over.

Semester 2 started with a lockdown, zoom classes, and rising case numbers. This has, and will continue to, negatively impact thousands of students. So why is John Dewar and La Trobe University choosing to act like the pandemic is over, like many students aren't still struggling to get by?

Students need support.

Students need the V-Grade reinstated.

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