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To: Allianz

Give Mark the treatment he needs

In 2000, I was injured at work and my leg had to be amputated to prevent a disease spreading to the rest of my body. My injury means I requires ongoing medical care including pain medication, chiropractic treatment and physio.

Workers compensation is meant to provide me with all the care I need, but insurance company Allianz are making this next to impossible.

Allianz hasn’t paid for any chiropractic treatment since May this year, despite all of my doctors saying it is necessary. I’ve had to fight to drag Allianz to the table and all that they have offered me is 10 chiropractic sessions and 1 shoe.

This is just not good enough when they know that I will need ongoing medical care for the rest of my life. Allianz must stop forcing me to re-apply and fight for medical treatment every three months and allow me to access the ongoing treatment I need.

Why is this important?

It's not an accident that Allianz are making it hard for Mark to get the medical treatment he needs - it's by design.

Insurance companies like Allianz make millions of dollars every year out of reducing the amounts paid to injured workers. They focus on booting injured workers off compensation to maximise their own profit.

This comes at an extraordinary cost to injured workers who are forced to fight these insurance companies to get the help they need.

The Ombudsman report two years ago highlighted all these problems - but nothing has changed. The way insurance companies like Allianz treat injured workers is completely unacceptable.

Reasons for signing

  • Hey mate. Where abouts are you located? I'm a prosthetic and orthotic technician. You might be able to get on the ndis. Happy for you to shoot you an email on
  • I signed this because every worker should have all the treatment they require if you are injured at work
  • I have signed as it is a disgrace that a person injured at work is made to jump through hoops to get what is rightfully theirs, so that an insurance company that has been paid a premium to deliver a service avoids its responsibility in the name of profit to line the pockets of its management, pretending to care about their clients.


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