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To: Wesfarmers & Engie

Wesfarmers & Engie: Don't Cut Our Jobs

Mega-profit companies Wesfarmers and Engie are turning their backs on workers and residents in the Latrobe Valley.

Local Coles and Target stores are closing their doors on over 100 workers, and Engie has brought forward the redundancies of 60 workers by six whole months. The last thing Morwell and Traralgon need is more job losses.

Wesfarmers and Engie - don't cut our local jobs!

Why is this important?

The Latrobe Valley community is in the midst of the worst jobs crisis in decades. From the closure of Hazelwood, to local stores shutting their doors -- the Valley needs local, fair, permanent jobs now more than ever.

Wesfarmers, which owns Target and Coles, is an international mega-profit company. Last year, they reported $2.9 billion in profits. Engie, one of the world's largest energy companies, made a profit of $4.1 billion.

Increasing the bottom line off the back of cutting local jobs is wrong. This should not be allowed to happen. Wesfarmers & Engie, don’t slash jobs in our community for your billion dollar bottom line.


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