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To: NSW National Party

Local Milk in Local Hospitals

Win! Local milk to return to local hospitals. Congratulations to everyone who signed the petition

The decision by the Berejiklian Government and local Nationals to end Norco's milk supply contract to hospitals in Northern NSW - and to give the contract to a Japanese-owned multinational - is short-sighted. Supporting local, farmer owned suppliers ensures that taxpayer's money stays in local communities and supports local jobs. The Nationals must overturn this decision and put Norco milk back into our local hospitals.

Support our farmers and local jobs and #bringbacknorco.

Why is this important?

Norco has lost a contract to provide 300,000 litres of milk to local hospitals and health facilities in Northern NSW. This is a significant supply contract. By giving local suppliers a fair crack at these contracts, the NSW Liberal/National State Government can ensure money and jobs stay in regional NSW, rather than leaking out of the NSW economy and into the pockets of foreign-based multinationals.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered to the NSW State Government and local National Party MPs.

Reasons for signing

  • I support my local milk producer, and the NSW State Government should do the same. Put local milk back into out local hospital!
  • Our pollies should be supporting local enterprise, not sending profits overseas.
  • We need to support our local industries and our farmers. Also we should not be unnecessarily transferring food stuffs around the world and creating unnecessary transport pollution


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